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Kysontec global Co., Ltd is a  premium suppliers of pumps and water systems for residential use, building service and water management sector. 

Headquarted in Nanjing, China, we also have representative office in Mexico, India, Russia, Turkey and Dubai. By the global team of modern pump technology, we provide innovative solutions, intelligent products and professional service.

        To provide more perfect products and better customer experience, we continue to focus on our manufacture basement by innovative solutions and continuous improvment. Currently we occupy 5 production basements all over the world, these ensure our a full range pump product line and great cost performance.


             Huzhou basement specialized in R&D and manufacturing of motor, which are the heart of a pump. we can produce normal inductin AC motor(normal and high efficency types), DC motor(for battery, solar, and frequency-change pumps). we have fully automatic motor lines which help high cost performance motor of market popular pump types, also our experienced motor specialist can do hand made motors with professional quality. Motor quality and technology help us more envirnoment friendly, and take our reponsible for the future.

        Wenling basement focus on pump and system assmbly. Due to our well management of a full range of supplier chain of each pump part like bearing, shaft, capacitor or even a screw, we can do the right price of comfartable quality for our customers and brand, and our quality control system of each pump make it possible that we can use the right production line for every type of pump with no any problems. Wenling basement now covers a wide range of pump line like suface pump, submersible pump, verticle inline pump, deep well pump, circulation pump and so on. Assembly by profesional quality control, focus on details, and never stop developing new products, we makeour  product family keep growing to meet the different country customers.

        Ningbo basment take care of pump control system and plastic parts manufacture. here we develop all kinds of float switches, sensor controlor, and control system, also plastic parts like impeller, fan and plastic housing water pumps especailly for Europa market.
Tianjing basement mainly do big deep well pump and building service products.


       We also plan production in india and turkey, in order to maintain our supply chain more stable. The global talent workers helps us more innovative and better customer experience in different areas which make us more competitve than the local pump brand.
With great support from our dealers from over 30 countries, we bring our value, our products, and our service to more and more people all around the world, and we keep opening to cooperate new partners to join our Kysontec brand family. 
Together we create profit, service global socity, the best customer experince, for future. A drop from futue.

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