About Kysontec

KYSONTEC GLOBAL CO., LTD Start from 2010, with a product on factory capacity of 300,000 pieces, located in Huzhou China. We produce professional industrial pumps mainly centrifugal pumps, deep well pumps, cast iron pumps, circular pumps and others With our global team mates focus on local market, R&D, quality and service, we are fast developing together with our partners

Water Pump Categories

Solar Pump

Our Philosophy

Our clear, simple innovation philosophy: Innovation is what benefits people. We are perfectionists, always rethinking systems and designs. We have the courage to break new ground and the conviction to do things instead of just talking about them.


This philosophy results in solutions with convincing performance, quality and handling that are one step ahead of the market. Because for us, quality and service is the best challenge in the world. This is what we work toward. Every day.


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